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Cutting corners to suppress high-order modes in Mie resonator arrays

Haddadin, Z.; Khan, S.; Poulikakos, L.V.; Under Review

Spatial wavefront shaping with a multipolar-resonant metasurface for structured illumination microscopy

Roy, T.; Brown, P.T ; Poulikakos, L.V.; Under Review


Metasurfaces for optical detection of tissue and fibrous material anisotropy

Poulikakos, L.V. ; Dionne, J.A. ; Lawrence, M. ; Barton III, D.R.;

US Patent 11,487,180

Polarization-based colour tuning of mixed colloidal quantum-dot thin films using direct patterning

De Leo, L. ; Rossinelli, A.A. ; Gallego-Marqués, P. ; Poulikakos, L.V.; Norris, DJ; Nanoscale 14 (13), 4929-4934

Nanophotonic materials: enabling targeted cancer diagnostics and therapeutics with light

Bordy, S.*; Byun, J.* ; Poulikakos, L.V; Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, Volume 37, 2022, 100852, ISSN 2211-3398

*co-corresponding authors.


Colorimetric Metasurfaces Shed Light on Fibrous Biological Tissue

Haddadin, Z.*; Pike, T.; Moses, J.; Poulikakos, L. V* ;, J. Mater. Chem. C 2021, Advance Article

Nanoscale Bouligand Multilayers: Giant Circular Dichroism of Helical Assemblies of Plasmonic 1D Nano-Objects

Hu, H.; Sekar,S.; Wu, W.; Battie, Y.; Lemaire, V.; Arteaga, O.; Poulikakos, L.; Norris, D.; H Giessen, H.; Decher*, G.; Pauly*, M.; ACS Nano 2021

The Beginner’s Guide to Chiral Plasmonics: Mostly Harmless Theory and the Design of Large-Area Substrates

Goerlitzer, E. S. A.*; Puri, A. S.; Moses, J. J.; Poulikakos, L. V.*; Vogel, N.*, Advanced Optical Materials 2021, 2100378

*co-corresponding authors.


Guided-Mode-Resonant Dielectric Metasurfaces for Colorimetric Imaging of Material Anisotropy in Fibrous Biological Tissue

Poulikakos, L.V.*; Lawrence, M.; Barton, D.R.; Jeffrey, S.S.; Dionne, J.A.* ACS Photonics 2020, 7, 11, 3216–3227

*co-corresponding authors.

Fluorescence-detected circular dichroism of a chiral molecular monolayer with dielectric metasurfaces

Solomon, M.L.; Abendroth, J.M.; Poulikakos, L.V.; Hu, J.; Dionne, J.A. Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (43), 18304-18309

Lisa V. Poulikakos’ Publications from Previous Positions

Nanophotonic Platforms for Chiral Sensing and Separation.

Solomon, M.∗; Saleh, A.∗; Poulikakos, L. V.; Abendroth, J. M.; Tadesse, L.; Dionne, J. A. Accounts of Chemical Research, 53, 588–598, (2020). Invited review article – selected to be featured as cover article March 2020. ∗authors contributed equally.

Optical Helicity and Optical Chirality in Free Space and in the Presence of Matter. 

Poulikakos, L. V.; Dionne, J. A.; Garcìa-Etxarri, A. Symmetry, Special Issue “Duality Symmetry”, 11, 1113 (2019). Invited research perspective – selected to be featured as cover article September 2019.

Chiral Light–Matter Interactions in the Near and Far Field.

Poulikakos, L.V.  Doctoral Thesis, ETH Zurich (2018).

Three-Dimensional Enantiomeric Recognition of Optically Trapped Single Chiral Nanoparticles.

Schnoering, G.; Poulikakos, L. V.; Rosales-Cabara, Y.; Canaguier-Durand, A.; Norris, D. J.; Genet, C. Physical Review Letters, 121, 023902 (2018).

Carbon Nanotube Chirality Determines Properties of Encapsulated Linear Carbon Chain.

Heeg, S.; Shi, L.; Poulikakos, L. V.; Pichler, T; Novotny, L. Nano Letters, 18, 5426–5431 (2018).

Chiral Light Design and Detection Inspired by Optical Antenna Theory.

Poulikakos, L. V., Thureja, P.; Stollmann, A.; De Leo, E.; Norris, D. J.  Nano Letters, 18, 4633–4640 (2018). Selected to be featured as cover article August 2018.

Polarization Multiplexing of Fluorescent Emission Using Multi-Resonant Plasmonic Antennas.

De Leo, E.; Cocina, A.; Tiwari, P.; Poulikakos, L. V.; Gallego, P. M.; le Feber, B.; Norris, D. J.; Prins, F.  ACS Nano, 11, 12167–12173 (2017).

Optical Chirality Flux as a Useful Far-Field Probe of Chiral Near Fields.

Poulikakos, L. V.; Gutsche, P.; McPeak, K. M.; Burger, S.; Niegemann, J.; Hafner, C.; Norris, D. J.  ACS Photonics, 9, 1619–1625 (2016).

Time-Harmonic Optical Chirality in Inhomogeneous Space.

Gutsche, P.; Poulikakos, L. V.; Hammerschmidt, M.; Burger, S.; Schmidt, F.  Proceedings SPIE 9756, Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures VI, 97560X (2016).

Ultraviolet Plasmonic Chirality from Colloidal Aluminum Nanoparticles Exhibiting Charge-Selective Protein Detection.

McPeak, K. M.; van Engers, C. D.; Bianchi, S.; Rossinelli, A.; Poulikakos, L. V.; Bernard, L.; Herrmann, S.; Kim, D. K.; Burger, S.; Blome, M.; Jayanti, S. V.; Norris, D. J.  Advanced Materials, 27, 6244–6250 (2015).

Subdiffusive Exciton Transport in Quantum Dot Solids.

Akselrod, G. M.∗; Prins, F.∗; Poulikakos, L. V.; Lee, E. M. Y.; Weidman, M. C.; Mork, A. J.; Willard, A. P.; Bulovic, V.; Tisdale, W. A.  Nano Letters, 6, 3556–3562 (2014).∗authors contributed equally.

Transition from Thermodynamic to Kinetic-Limited Excitonic Energy Migration in Colloidal Quantum Dot Solids.

Poulikakos, L. V.; Prins, F.; Tisdale, W. A.  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 15, 7894–7900 (2014).

Synthesis of Calcium-Based, Al2O3-Stabilized Sorbents for CO2 Capture Using a Co-Precipitation Technique.

Kierzkowska, A. M.; Poulikakos, L. V.; Broda, M., Müller, C. R.  International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 15, 48–54 (2013).